Every year we sit our children down and hand them a pen and piece of paper on which to write a letter to Santa, detailing all of their heart’s desires. And every year we are rewarded with these. Sorry Santa, kids can be mean… but oh so very funny.

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15 Hilarious Letters to Santa

#1 – #thuglife

Letter to Santa

#2 – Oh, And By The Way

Rude Santa Letter

#3 – Well, If You Really Want One

Dear Santa Letter
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#4 – Speaking Of Sausage… And Ducks, Lots Of Ducks

Funny Letter to Santa

#5 – Don’t Eat The Cookies

Hilarious Santa Letters

#6 – Thought You Should Know

Funny Dear Santa

#7 – Watch Out Santa, She Will Cut You

Hilarious Dear Santa
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#8 – Now I Have Nightmares

Hilarious Dear Santa Letter

#9 – Make It Rain

Hilarious Santa Letter


I'm a married, stay at home mother of 4, with a lot of crazy going on. Being a parent is so rewarding, but very exhausting! Ha! My husband is a musician/entrepreneur with a lot going on, so I manage most of the day to day and happen to find a lot of humor in all the chaos. If the choice is laugh or cry, I'll choose laugh every time. :)