The dieting industry makes like a bazillion dollars every year, capitalizing on our endless desire to be more fit, more healthy, and more trim. But sticking to a healthy eating plan is almost impossible because…pizza and brownie blizzards and nachos and french fries and pumpkin pie and a possibly infinite number of tasty foods that are not salad. And let’s face it. Fruits and vegetables are nice and all, but how many ways can you eat lettuce before you’re confronted by the reality that lettuce is really boring. Lettuce is like Ron from every high school event, he doesn’t say much or add anything to the party but you can always count on him to be there…forever. In contrast, eating a Cinnabon is the food equivalent of dating George Clooney. Why can’t Cinnabon have the nutritional value of lettuce? It would make eating healthy so much easier, right?

18 “Dieting Sucks” Tweets That Are So Hilariously True











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