You are seriously the craziest person I know.
You are seriously the caziest person I know. LOL!
The exact same sentence takes on an entirely different meaning when you add three simple letters to the end of it. This first sentence is grim and serious. But all we had to do was add an LOL to make the second sentence lighthearted and fun. By now everyone knows LOL means laugh(ing) out loud. But over the years the acronym has become over-used and abused. We use LOL to make our comments come off more cheerful and carefree, or to make something sound less insulting. So why are so many people hating on LOL lately? We hope the following memes will clear that up, and we threw some LMAO memes in there just to mix it up a little. Now let’s see if we can get you to LOL throughout this post.

18 Memes Hating On The LOL











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