There are some things that people over 40 just don’t get about popular culture. When these trends show up in their Facebook feed, the over-forties crowd just shake their heads and start muttering things like, “That there is a sign of the end of the world.” Take a look at these trends that may seem normal to Millennials but make your parents’ heads explode.

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18 Trends that People Over 40 Just Don’t Understand

#1: Romphims


I’m not sure that what the world needed last summer was a romper for men, but this design does say a lot about how the new generation embraces fun and the breaking down of gender barriers. And it would be super funny if you gave this to Grandpa for Christmas. Just saying.

#2: Twerking

trends twerking

Twerking has people over 40 scared. They’re writing into Dear Abby for help.

#3: Hashtags

trends hash tags

Hashtags are seriously baffling to Baby Boomers. Most of them never attempt a hashtag and the ones who do are probably doing it wrong. (#StophashtaggingonFacebook)

#4: Underboobs

Trends Underboob

Today’s crop top is much more daring than the ones people over 40 wore in the 1980s. The style of showing a bit of underboob has been mainly confined to celebrities, but fashion designers are starting to include it in their new lines. It won’t be long before this provocative style hits the malls.

#5: Two Sided Shoes


To be honest, this trend introduced in last year’s New York Fashion Week is probably boggling more minds than just the over 40 set. The color’s nice, though. Right?

#6: Leaving the Stickers on Hats


People over 40 were brought up to believe that tags should be removed from clothing otherwise people would (gasp!) know the item was new. So they don’t get that leaving the sticker on is all about showing off that the cap is new and authentic.

#7: Snap Chat


Most people over 40 think SnapChat is a devil app that is just used for sexting. They don’t get that snapchat is a way to be creative and private and fun with the selfies the young love to take.

#8: Selfie Obsession


People over 40 like to take pictures. But they don’t get why the young do it ALL…THE…TIME!

#9: Sagging Pants


Sagged pants drive people over 40 out of their minds! They all grew up having nightmares about showing their underwear in public. It absolutely horrifies them that the young do it on purpose. They even want to pass laws against it, it bugs them so much.


May is a stay-at-home mom who writes to keep her kids in shoes and video games. She's a former high school English teacher and an avid follower of pop culture.