If you’re a veteran texter, you might feel like your emoji choices are played out (A.K.A. R.I.P. originality, am I right?). But don’t worry: we’re here for you. Crack open your emoji and scroll past the smileys, the people, and the animals. Now stop: Herein lies a rich untapped vein that will bring your texts to the next level—you just don’t know it yet. Join us on a journey through the underappreciated emoji that are just begging to be used in your texts:

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Spice Up Your Text Life With These 19 Unappreciated Emoji

#1: Socks

This one’s more than just a basic pun. Remember getting socks for Christmas as a kid? At the time, you thought it sucked. But as an adult, you now know that socks are awesome! So when you use the sock emoji, what you’re really saying is, “That sucks now, but in the future you’ll realize it was for the best.” Sorry your waterbed broke, but that thing would’ve caused you severe back pain later in life.

#2: Clutch Bag

Nothing says “thank you” like an actual thank you, but the clutch bag is a great add on when someone has your back exactly when you need it. Thanks for the Weird Al tickets, Stacy’s Mom. That was clutch.

#3: Repeat Single Button

This is a great one for group texts. When you’ve been friends with anyone long enough, the same jokes and stories come up again and again. The repeat single button emoji the sassy way of saying, “here we go again!”

#4: Teacup Without Handle

When life is hard and you’re not sure if you can manage it, there’s an emoji for that: Teacup without a handle. It’s a great way to say, “Neither I nor this teacup can handle it.”

#5: Shallow Pan Of Food

Is your friend judging people by their appearances? Or making petty comments about others, perhaps? It might be time to gently remind them that it’s not nice to be shallow. Inspire them to be their best self and throw them a shallow pan of food!

#6: Djibouti Flag

Every veteran texter knows that sooner or later, you’re gonna talk about booty. It could be perfectly innocent! But when you do, let’s be honest: the peach emoji is played out. Instead, the flag of Djibouti says, “I like puns AND I know geography!”

#7: Map of Japan

Did you know Japan is the only country that gets a map emoji? That makes the map of Japan a great catch-all emoji for unwanted location-based inquiries from nosey acquaintances. Where are you from? Map of Japan. Where was that restaurant you were talking about? Map of Japan. Where’s the party tomorrow? Map of Japan.

#8: Cyclone

This emoji is perfect because it’s accidentally also the logo for the short-lived late-90s video game console, the Sega Dreamcast. That makes the Dreamcast the only game console with its own emoji, so now you can finally lord that over those suckers who bothered to buy a video game console after 1999.

#9: High Voltage

Forget about High Voltage: This is the Harry Potter emoji. Use it for any and all Harry Potter-related texting.


Kevin Bell is a writer and artist in Denver, Colorado. No, he doesn't ski.