20 Hilarious Painting Class Fails Guaranteed to Make You Smile


Group painting parties are a fun and trendy way to relax with friends, celebrate a date night, or a girl’s night out. With excitement, participants begin recreating a piece of art under the direction of a professional artist.

Anticipation grows in each brush stroke with the prospect of taking home and displaying a personal creative masterpiece. Inevitably, however, there is at least one in the group who falls completely on their face. Follow us as we visit these painting fails and their unabashed artists.

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20 Hilarious Painting Class Fails

#1 – Can You Spot the Hominoid?

#2 – Can You Spot the Teatotaler?

#3 – Can You Spot the Hero We Need?

#4 – Can You Spot the True Patriot?

#5 – Can You Spot the Artist Who Nailed It?

#6 – Can You Spot What’s On His Mind?

#7 – It’s Past Someone’s Nap Time

#8 – Trogdor Apocalypse

#9 – Someone Is Not A-mew-sed!

#10 – When Pigs…Wuh!

#11 – Burninating the Neighborhood

#12 – A Secret Cry for Help


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