When the alarm goes off on Monday Morning it may be the worst moment of the week. The grind of the work week looms and all you really want to do is get five more minutes of sleep and one more day to yourself. When you wake up with the Monday Morning blahs you probably need a little emotional caffeine. Since you can’t drink coffee for the mind, we’ve put together a list of 25 motivational quotes to give your Monday a jolt in the right direction by reminding you that all your hard work is worth it!

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20 Monday Morning Motivations: Your Sweat Is Worth It!

#1 Triumph

#2: Sweat is Good

#3: Hard Work Shows Character

#4: Talent Without Hard Work

#5: Hard Work Comes Before Success

#6: Secrets of Success

#7: Highest Compliment

#8: Opportunity in Disguise

#9: Never Give Up

#10: Luck and Hard Work

#11: Overcoming Bad Luck

#12: Enjoy Your Sweat


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