So you want to see some more of the ridiculously extravagant and expensive gifts you could buy if you were ultra wealthy? Say no more. Here are 20 more super pricey gifts you could buy if money was no object. They’re arranged in order from cheapest (cough) to most expensive.

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23 More Ridiculously Expensive Gifts

#1: Autographed Rolling Stones Guitar ($3,900.00)

If you’ve got $4000 just laying around, you could buy this display piece that includes a Fender Squire guitar signed by five of the Rolling Stones.

#2: Madame Alexander Dolls for a Year + One Custom Creation ($8,000)

Included in this dream doll set for any little girl is a KidKraft Grand Anniversary dollhouse plus 8 dolls to wrap for under the Christmas tree. In addition, the gift includes a customized “mini-me” doll AND a new doll every month for a year. Spoiled much?

#3: The Infrared Supine Sauna ($14,000)

This personal sauna might have great health benefits, but I don’t really care about that. I’d probably use it to act out little plays for houseguests. You know, I could pretend I was the Little Mermaid trapped in a clam shell and had to escape by singing. Top notch entertainment like that.

#4: Sylvie Medium Crocodile Top Handle Bag ($29,000)

Don’t worry. No real crocodile’s were injured in the making of this bag. Oh wait. They really are made from crocodiles? I guess that’s why it’s $29,000. Crocodile hunters don’t come cheap.

#5: A complete set of Winnie the Pooh books: ($39,267)

This isn’t just your average set of bear books. They’re first editions signed by both the writer and the artist. As an added bonus, they’ve never been read so you get that new book smell!

#6: Bespoke Handbags by Olympia Le-Tan (45,000)

I had to look up what “bespoke” means (basically it means custom made) to understand that for $45,000 you’d get six custom-made purses and a visit with the designer at her shop in Paris. These clutches are totally fun. (Although the experience probably costs more than making the actual movie Psycho.)

#7: The Emotive Robotic Avatar ($65,000)

With this guy you won’t need friends because you can program your robot to express any of five emotions—happy, confused, angry, sad, and embarrassed. Actually, the emotive robotic avatar sounds about like it has the emotional range of a teen-age girl. Drama! No, thank you.

#8: Art of the Wild Candle Sticks ($70,000)

I’m not sure why anyone needs $70,000 silver pineapples as candle sticks. But Tiffany’s Art of the Wild candle sticks are available if that’s your jam.

#9: Munnu Two-parrot Cocktail Ring: $75,000

That there is two platinum parrots joined at the head with a pink conch pearl. Purty nice if you ask me.

#10: Highclere Jewellery Box ($93,000)

This jewelry box is modeled after the castle where the TV series Downtown Abbey was filmed. The $93,000 price tag doesn’t include any jewelry, but I’m sure you could run down to Target and pick up some bling to store in its lavishly decorated pretend halls.

#11: 3.60ct Natural Untreated Burmese Ruby Platinum Ring with 1.44cts of Round Brilliant Diamonds ($114,000)

You can get this brilliant ruby platinum ring from Best of all, when you buy it from Amazon you can get it shipped for free.

#12: The Porsche 917 Le Mans Raceway ($125,000)


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