During the harsh days of winter our imaginations run riot dreaming of the warm, sun drenched days of summer when we can frolic in a sparkling, perfect temperature pool that’s never crowded. And then summer actually rolls into town and we get drenched in sun, but actual sun which means it’s like 90 degrees every day. So we head to the pool for some relief from the heat, only to discover that the place is overrun with kids at summer camps (and their barely holding it together counselors), the water is cloudy from sunscreen residue and…other stuff, and the pool temperature is either bathtub warm or ice cube cold. And those woes are nothing compared to the stress that comes if you’re a parent bringing your kids to the pool because then you have to deal with all those other problems as well as the anxiety fueled craze that is keeping your children safe in a hazard rich environment. But, hey, let’s go to the pool!

20 Painfully Funny Poolside Realities For Anyone Headed Swimming












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