When you just don’t have the mental stamina to debate politics on social media anymore, it can be refreshing to take a step back and focus your efforts on more pressing matters. Take flavored beverages, for example. Few things in life are as divisive as La Croix. People are either obsessed with it or detest it, and it seems there is no in between.

While we can’t pick sides on this debate, we can assure you that these 20 tweets are definite proof that people who hate La Croix have a knack for finding unique ways of describing things!

20 Ridiculously Descriptive Tweets Hatin’ On La Croix


La Croix Tweets 01


La Croix Tweets 02


La Croix Tweets 03


La Croix Tweets 04


La Croix Tweets 05


La Croix Tweets 07


La Croix Tweets 08


La Croix Tweets 08


La Croix Tweets 10


La Croix Tweets 09


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