As kids we couldn’t wait to grow up and join the totally awesome adulthood party. It seemed liked the best thing ever because as a grown up nobody tells you when to go to bed. Nobody can make you eat broccoli. Nobody can make you brush your teeth. Plus there’s all those fun things you *get* to do, like riding a bike without a helmet. Or crossing the street without holding somebody’s hand. Or having water balloon fights whenever you want.

Then, all of a sudden, you are an adult and you realize that it’s not so much a party as a prison sentence. True, nobody can *make* you do anything, but you still have to do it or you don’t do important stuff like eat. And you realize that the things that you learned to prepare you for grown up living, maybe aren’t so helpful after all. And just when you figure out that being an adult is not so much fun, your body betrays you and you’re too tired and achey all the time to do all the fun “adult” things you were promised. On the plus side, you can read memes and appreciate all the funniness that comes when people realized that being a grown up is not all it’s cracked up to be.

21 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up What It Means To Be A Grown Up









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