Englishman’s voice: And here we see younger humans, largely male, but some females and others, ‘flexing,’ wherein they commit themselves to ridiculous tasks, or potentially child-preventing feats, or even simple deceptions, all in a show of dubious dominance over their socio-economic peer group…
Do you guys know about this? ‘Flexing’? We had to look it up, and you should, too. Because the, let’s say ‘least rural of glossaries’ had definitions written by people who learned how to get high before learning how to write. Or think, probably. Just sayin’. So we wrote the intro here and we think it’s a much better definition. But we digress… we’ve lined up some funny, weird, and, eh-hem, ‘interesting’ examples of this, uhm… behavior? Don’t worry, there is some literal flexing, too. But honestly if you’ve ever heard some moron rev an engine (or crank a stereo) going through a tunnel, we feel like that’s just flexing by someone who’s new to the idea.

No, Susan, that wasn’t us ‘peeling out in the parking lot’, shut up.

21 Weird, Odd, Or Just Too-Extra Flexes, Now Captured Forever!
















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