Have you ever wondered what the uber rich give to their friends and family at Christmas? I’m sure some of them give sensible gifts like socks and PJs. But then there are the wildly extravagant things you could buy if money was no object—like say, a solid gold bathtub for your wife or a trip to Paris to create her very own perfume fragrance. The least expensive item on this list is over $3,000 and the most expensive item is more than $100 million. Here are some crazily over-the-top gift ides, arranged in order of low price to high price.

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22 Ridiculously Expensive Gifts You Could Buy If Money Was No Object

#1: The Sir Galahad Serveur ($3,500.00)

How cool is this? It’s a suit of armor—but it’s also a bar service. It’s like the knight is serving drinks to you and your guests. So awesome you won’t even care that your whole family could go to Disneyworld for what you spent buying a giant tin can!

#2: Robotic Barista ($5,600.00)

For only six grand your robotic coffee maker can make you your favorite coffee drink from the comfort of your own home. But who are we kidding; you’d still go to Starbucks. Am I right?

#3: Harrods Gift Basket ($6,667.75)

You know how you can go to Costco and get one of those tasty little treat baskets to give out to clients? Well, those little baskets are like bird turds compared to the sumptuous feast in these “three generous wicker hampers” you can get from Harrods department store in London.

#4: Cupcake Clutch ($7,370.64)

What’s not to like about this sparkly, rainbow cupcake purse? Perfect for a night out or to walk the red carpet. You know, for when you walk the red carpet.

#5: Zafirro Gold Razor: ($18,000)

This is a great gift. A solid gold razor is just what my husband needs for when he shaves once a week. Best of all it’s advertised as an heirloom, so my husband can give the razor to our sons when they’re old enough to shave and we’re dead.

#6: The Power Nap Capsule ($25,000)

This is what every mom needs, a nap capsule so that she can maximize the approximately 1.735 hours of sleep she gets a night.

#7: Blackbeard’s Playhouse ($26,700)

Imagine having your very own pirate’s ship in the backyard. Nevermind that this playset costs as much as the average family car—this totally immersive play experience even allows you to upload mp3 pirate ditties to its built in speaker system. Yo Ho Ho! (But hold the bottle of rum.)

#8: Walk-On Role In The Broadway Musical WAITRESS ($30,000)

For only $30,000 you could make all your Broadway dreams come true. Besides your walk on part you also get to see the show, meet and greet the cast of the musical, and you get a lesson on making pies from a chef. Delicious!

#9: Brikk Lux iPhone X Ingot $49,995

Many people have complained that the new iPhone X is a thousand dollars. But if you buy a solid gold phone case, they’ll throw in the phone for free. (That way you’re saving money, see?). They don’t call it an Ingot for nothing.

#10: Gifts from Paper For Water ($50,000)

Give a sustainable water source to a community in a developing country, plus you get 250 fancy-schmancy origami ornaments for your Christmas tree. #Priceless.

#11: Sennheiser Orpheus Headphones $55,000

Why buy a new Honda for Dad when you could get him these headphones that are apparently so high quality they make grown men cry in awe. I’m not sure what happens when the three year old breaks them, probably more grown men crying.

#12: Sisley-Paris experience + products for a year ($60,000)

Three days and two nights in Paris at a premiere hotel and a deluxe pampering at the Sisley-Paris spa. You’ll also leave with an 48,000 gift bag of products. All told, it’s probably better than the last time I went to Paris and shared a hostel room with a man who resembled a Yeti.


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