It’s sweet when your honey decides to give you a quick peck out in public. But then there are those moments where you’re just standing in line for the movies and the couple making out behind you make you feel like you’ve been cast as the bystander in a porn flick. Nobody wants to see that. Here are some of the most disgustingly outrageous episodes of “get a room” displays of affection taking place in full view of the whole, wide world that we could find!

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23 Gag Worthy Images of PDA

#1: Excuse Me, Just Need to Get to My Door

#2: While I’m Here, Let Me Get This Blackhead

#3: Well, Guess We’re Missing The Movie

#4: I’m Not Even Mad, Just Impressed At How Long Your Tongue Is

#5: You Can’t Even Leave When Your Neighbors Are Doing This On A Plane

#6: Um, I Don’t Think It Works With Your Pants On

#7: Their Pretzel Hands, Though. Just A Bit Much

#8: Maybe She’s Just Showing Him a Weird Mole

#9: The Backbend Kiss

#10: Honestly, How Do You Walk Like That?

#11: He’s Covering His Eyes Because He is Afraid of All the Judging Looks

#12: The Music Isn’t That Good


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