Dating should stir up all kinds of feelings, right? Unfortunately, some of the most common ones are anxiety, dread, despair, and panic. But it’s something we do because we’re hoping that somewhere out there is “the one.” So what happens when you find “the one,” marry that person, and it all ends in divorce? Well, most of the time you take a deep breath, saddle up, and attempt to get back on that horse (or crazy, bucking, wild stallion, might be more accurate). The thought of starting all over after years of thinking your days of dating were a thing of the past is enough to make you consider staying single. All the things that go through your head when you consider dating after divorce can be found in this pile of memes. So at least try to have a few laughs before you put yourself back out there.

23 Memes About Getting Back Into The Dating Pool After Divorce










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