Keeping a family in peaceful working order is challenging. When a family suddenly becomes blended to include a new step-mom or step-dad (who sometimes bring more kids into the mix), keeping the peace is like trying to stop a war between 10 countries by waving one, tiny white flag. A lot of step-parents are met with resentment and resistance from their new spouse’s kids. And most kids have difficulty coping with change, so being told what to do by someone they barely know seems outrageous. But when enough time passes, and that blended family becomes a successful family, or at least nobody wants to kill each other, there’s reason to celebrate. The following memes are all about some of the adversities that come up while step-parenting. As well as some of the good things that can happen within a blended family.

23 Memes That Prove Blended Families Are A Mixed Bag










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