When you imagine your wedding day, you think of the perfect venue, beautiful weather, and a smooth event. However, most weddings have some glitches. Maybe there is a blizzard the day of your beautiful January wedding or perhaps your summer, beach wedding gets interrupted by a rain storm. Your cousins bring their new baby, who is adorable but also very fussy during your entire ceremony. Or maybe your caterer shows up with fish and beef instead of chicken and seafood. The blissful part of being the bride or groom is that you are often shielded from the day-of mishaps, until of course, one of your guests opens his mouth and blurts out something rude, annoying, or just idiotic. Here are some of the most undesirable, (but) common things people say to brides and grooms on their wedding days.

24 Annoying Things People Say On Your Wedding Day










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