As a creative writing teacher I’ve seen a lot of maudlin, sickly sweet, or just plain painful-to-read writing cross my desk. Then there’s the stuff that is so completely terrible, it crosses over into the magical world of laugh-out-loud humor. When you read these 24 epic writing fails, you’re sure to laugh.

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24 Epic Writing Fails That Will Crack You Up

#1: Comparing a Woman to a Dog Is Never a Good Idea

#2: Elegance Meets Dog Pee

#3: Fairy Snot?

#4: Sizzling Maggots. Nice!

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#5: Beauty is like a Punctured Eyeball

#6: That Sounds Painful

#7: More Snot

#8: Love in the Time of E. Coli

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#9: It’s a Brick House

#10: Keep Your Underwear to Yourself

#11: Has He Seen That Show?

#12: An Eye on the Sparrow’s…Parts


May is a stay-at-home mom who writes to keep her kids in shoes and video games. She's a former high school English teacher and an avid follower of pop culture.