Mother-child relationships evolve a lot over the course of a lifetime. The care and attention a new mom gives to her baby is heartwarming. Then she devotes all of her time and energy to meet the needs (demands?) of her young children. As teenagers, her children push her away to establish their own identities and independence. Finally, those children arrive at adulthood and think they don’t need her quite so much, even though, if they are honest, they know they still kind of do. Our relationships with our mothers are dynamic and ever-changing: hot or cold, tumultuous or predictable, wonderful or exhausting. Whatever the case, one thing is for sure…no matter what age you are, you better return her phone calls or there’ll be hell to pay.

24 Memes Proving That Moms Never Change


Mom Memes 01


Mom Memes 02


Mom Memes 03


Mom Memes 04


Mom Memes 06


Mom Memes 05



Mom Memes 29


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