We all know that people tend to exaggerate on social media, but some people just flat out lie. That’s why it’s so satisfying (and hilarious) when people get called out for making stuff up. Luckily, the internet doesn’t tolerate lazy fibbers and so you’re in for a very satisfying read with these 24 people who got caught trying to rep something that was just not true. Lol!

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24 People Hilariously Caught Fibbing on Social Media

#1: Unless Ms. Atwell is a time traveler…

#2: Apparently “traffic” has a different meaning for some people.

#3: 85 is the new 125.

#4: Social media detectives ain’t got time for that.

#5: So does that mean we really are special for reading the book?

#6: Nothing like bragging that you can easily do something practically impossible.

#7: Identity theft is not a joke.

#8: Po loves his tubby custard.

#9: If it is on the internet, someone else has already seen it.

#10: If you’re lying, don’t brag about it.

#11: Now that is just lazy.

#12: Just making stuff up for no reason at all.