Public transportation has so many advantages. It saves gas, it’s better for the environment, and it’s cheaper. But public transportation is kind of a “enter at your own risk” situation. Know ‘m sayin. These hilarious public transit fails and bizarre encounters will make you tremendously grateful for your car, even if it’s a heap of junk.


24 Public Transit WTFs That Will Make You Love Your Car

#1: …OUCH!

#2: Better not get near his satchel.

#3: Wrong Subway, dude.

#4: They said “seat” not “feet” in the upright position.


#5: Could you not?

#6: He better hang on tight to that bag.

#7: Do you have a food handlers permit?

#8: Go about your business, there is nothing to see here.


#9: I wonder if he gets MTV.

#10: When you have a personal bubble and are forced to take the subway.

#11: If I stay really quite… maybe they won’t notice me.

#12: If it fits, it ships.