We all know that teenagers are often much more fearless than the average adult. They see a challenge on a movie, a television show, a popular vine, or a snap story, and they feel required to try it themselves. And because of the lack of frontal lobe in their brains, teenagers also do dumb things, things that they will inevitably regret as an adult. Here are some of the bravest, and maybe dumbest, things teens of today are doing.

24 Times Teens Did Dumb Things

#1: Though Painful, At Least They Had Big Lips for Five Minutes

#2: Trust Falling Into People Who Have No Idea What is Happening

#3: The 21st Century Equivalent to Breaking Up With Your Girlfriend in a Note—do it through Instagram.

#4: Slap Yourself As Hard As You Can So You Can Create Nice Geometric Patterns on Your Arm


#5: Because Sometimes Eating the Bag of Cheetos Just Isn’t Satisfying Enough

#6: Taking Ab Workouts To a Whole New Level

#7: I Hate to Break It to You Dude, But Chugging Germ-x Is not Going to Kill the Bacteria on That Pizza That Sat Out All Night.

#8: Talk about Tattooing Your Failings on Your Back—Most Adults Wouldn’t Do It Literally.


#9: Disrespecting your teachers. Level: Expert.

#10: When a Photo Opportunity Presents Itself, Might as Well Flip Around

#11: Reasons Why You Should Never Get Too Cocky On a Bike

#12: Taking a Selfie With a Squirrel Turns Violent


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