When it comes to dating, there are bound to be a few hiccups and awkward encounters along the way. In today’s dating world, Tinder helps connect you to singles in your area and it’s exploded in popularity. But when potential suitors are suddenly available in never-ending quantities and accessible by the mere swipe of a finger it was only a matter of time before some…interesting…candidates crossed our path. Cringe along with us, as we brave the best of the worst in the battlefield of love known as Tinder.

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These 25 Tinder Encounters Will Make You Consider Staying Single in 2018

#1: It was his smoldering gaze that hooked us.

#2: Sounds like you’re in a relationship already.

#3: Hey, not gonna happen? Haha

#4: Because nothing says “date me” quite as majestically as morphing your body with a horse.

#5: Flawless execution.

#6: The only thing we have in common is a tendency to end up at the Wendy’s parking lot.

#7: This girl is going places. Chipotle, preferably.

#8: Ouch. Nice try, Paul. Phil. Whatever your name is.

#9: We all could use a little more hood rat love.

#10: All dressed up for the funeral of my personality.

#11: Swipe right so I know you’re prepared to be immediately committed to this long term relationship.

#12: At least she’s honest.


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