Maybe you’re not a top chef, but these images will make you feel better about your cooking skills. Whether it’s trying to make a gourmet meal out of bologna and toothpicks, or getting creative with every day household items when you don’t have the proper cooking tools, these cooks will prove that your last attempt at lasagna wasn’t that bad.

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When Food Goes So Wrong, Even Joey From Friends Wouldn’t Eat It

#1: It Seemed Appropriate Until We Pulled It Out The Oven

#2: The Directions Said ‘Place on Rack’

#3: Creativity, The Backbone Of America

#4: At The Time A Coffee Maker Seemed More Important Than A Pot


#5: When Bolognese Goes Ghetto

#6: It’s The Garnish That Makes A Meal

#7: That College Life

#8: Presentation Is Everything

#9: How To Satisfy A Toddler

#10: When Rice Becomes Sentinent

#11: So, Apparently 5 Minutes In The Microwave Is Too Long For Coffee

#12: The Girl From The Ring Wants Her Hair Back


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