Big and bold trends defined the 80s. Children of the 80s remember those fashions—neon colors, big hair, and high waisted jeans—with an equal mix of nostalgia and horror. If you’re not a child of the 80s you’ll likely look at these trends and think everyone spent the 80s headed to a costume party because these fashions are totally outrageous and completely unforgettable.

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25 Trends from the 80s That You Wish You Could Forget

#1: Linebacker Shoulder Pads

#2: Color-Coded Business Casual

#3: Flat Tops and Overalls

#4: Socks with Heels

#5: Who Can Look Coolest in Color?

#6: Match Your To-Go Cup

#7: Pants With Plenty of Room for…Activities

#8: Accessories Not Known for Warmth

#9: Ruffle Fanatics

#10: Crop Top Sweaters

#11: Celebrities in Tight Colored Leather

Eddie Murphy in Jumpsuit

#12: Mary on the Prarie Chic



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