It must be hard to be a celebrity and have strangers monitoring every thing you say and do. I mean, we all say stupid things from time to time— maybe it’s a joke that’s too soon after a sad event, or you promote a stereotype that’s actually kind of racist, or you forget some basic fact you learned in third grade. Luckily when those follies tumble out of our mouths no one has a camera pointed at us. However, when you’re a celebrity and you have one of those silly moments it’s going to live forever as a viral internet sensation. And while we feel bad for celebrities having to deal with this not-so-nice aspect of fame, it does make for some funny reading. The next time you blurt out a truly regrettable quip, thank the powers that be that you weren’t caught on “tape” like these 25 celebrities.

25 Celebrity Reminders That If You Can’t Say Something Smart Don’t Say Anything At All













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