For many people, an opportunity to travel the world would be a dream come true. Our planet is packed full of miraculous wonders and indescribable beauty greater than anything you could ever imagine.

Unfortunately, the downside to traveling is the hefty price tag. So for those of us who are stuck at home merely dreaming, we’ve scoured Instagram to bring you a little taste (26 tastes, actually) of how #amazing our planet can be.

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26 #Amazing Photos On Instagram

#1 Kayaking in Tirol, Austria.

#2 The meeting of two oceans.

#3 Underwater cave.

#4 Sunset in Seattle, Washington.

#5 Sunrise peaking over the mountain.

#6 Beautiful town built into cliffs.

#7 Simple with eye-popping color.

#8 Bird’s eye views.

#9 What is it about meadows that look so majestic?

#10 More sunsets, because they never get old.

#11 The beauty is in the details.

#12 Cotton candy clouds.

#13 Land and sea.


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