When a man takes his girlfriend somewhere especially romantic and gets down on one knee, there’s a flutter that goes through a woman’s heart as she waits for those four words. And he better not say, “My shoe is untied” or he’s going to be in the doghouse. The question, “Will you marry me?” has been repeated so many times in so many ways, that people have gotten inventive with their methods as they strive to impress the person they hope to spend their life with. We went looking for the most creative proposals, as well as some ideas and opinions about the act itself, because marriage proposals don’t always go as planned. The following memes will either inspire someone who’s thinking of popping the question, or make others question why their own proposals were so unimaginative. Just keep in mind, however the question is asked, it takes an inordinate amount of courage.

26 Crazily Creative Ways People Have Popped The Question











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