Fashion in the 80s was all about excess and vanity. The 1960s and 1970s had been about flower power and disco and nothing says anti-disco more than leather and lace (both worn by trend setter Madonna in a variety of music videos during her heyday). Perms were everywhere and the mullet reigned supreme for boys and girls. Neon colors screamed “look at me.” And women walked around in power blazer with shoulder pads that would make an NFL linebacker blush. The most amazing thing about it all is that these fashion nightmares seemed totally “rad” back in the day. And if you dig around in your closet you probably have a pair of rainbow suspenders or jelly shoes that you just couldn’t bear to part with—even knowing that you’d never be caught dead wearing them again.

28 Fashion Disaster Trends From The 80s That You Loved Way Back When

#1: Linebacker Shoulder Pads

#2: Color-Coded Business Casual

#3: Flat Tops and Overalls


#4: Socks with Heels

#5: Who Can Look Coolest in Color?

#6: Match Your To-Go Cup


#7: Pants With Plenty of Room for…Activities

#8: Accessories Not Known for Warmth

#9: Ruffle Fanatics

#10: Rainbow Suspenders-“Nanuu Nanuu”


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