Are you one of those people who can find the silver lining in a mushroom cloud? Or are you too busy looking a gift horse in the mouth? Either way, there’s nothing like a little jolt of humor, positive energy, and good wishes to brighten your day. Enjoy these memes that are sure to be a hit with the optimists in the crowd!

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28 Memes That Annoyingly Positive People Will Love

#1 – It’s all in what you choose to hear!


#2 – Sometimes you have to find something small to be your positive moment!


#3 – Just stay cool…


#4 – You know you can trust advice from Science Cat.

#5 – Don’t let the pessimists tell you about half-empty glasses.


#6 – Smiling improves your mood.

#7 – Everyday things can make you happy.


#8 – Don’t let Grumpy Cat take over.


#9 – It’s okay to mess up now and then.


#10 – None of us can get everything right every time.


#11 – Find positive role models.



Tara is a mom, instructional designer, author, cat lover, and collector of funny pictures on the Internet.