Every family has that one vacation that goes down in history as the worst trip ever. Maybe everyone gets a stomach bug or the hotel accommodations are less than ideal. Whatever the case, these vacation fails will make your couch sound much more appealing when you get the urge to pack up those suitcases and hit the road.


28 Failed Moments on Vacation

#1: When Family Photos End at the E.R.

#2: When There is a Guest Appearance in Your Family Photo


#3: When You Take a Tumble

#4: When You Have to Avoid the Pool


#5: When the Sun Wins

#6: When You Have to Explain the Birds and the Bees Too Soon

#7: When You and Your Mom Unexpectedly Bond

#8: When Your Trip Doesn’t Go as Planned


#9: When the Car Ride Never Ends

#10: When Shit Gets Real

#11: When You Lose a Family Member


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