Translating from one language to another is tough, so kudos to people who make the effort to learn a new language at all. But sometimes, a translator just doesn’t understand the underlying meaning of a word or phrase, and the results can be pretty funny. A friend recently traveled to China and came back with various photos of signs translated to English that kept her giggling throughout her trip. So we dug a little deeper to find 29 really funny Chinese signs translated to English where the translator didn’t quite get it right.

29 Funny Chinese To English Translation Fails

#1: I’m either a Feman or I work for the post office. Those are my choices?

#2: That’s some bad trash, dude.

#3: I wish this toilet of happiness and delight was installed at my house. I could use a place like that to hide from my kids.

#4: “Dudes! Please stand closer to the urinal, you’re getting pee everywhere,” does seem a bit too informal.


#5: I have no clue what direction this is actually supposed to be giving, but if I see a king, I’ll try not to look at him.

#6: I wonder what people who work here do? “Well, that vandalism was a tad uninspired, let’s give it a C+.”

#7: No. Words. (Or maybe the right words are all on the forbidden list so we just can’t use them.)

#8:I wish I was a national treasure.


#9: I appreciate the suggestion, but if I fall it will most likely be in the most dangerous way possible.

#10: What kind of grass do they grow in china?

#11: Oh no! That’s just so sad that nobody told them that their restaurant was called “Really Fancy Toilet.”

#12: If you’re going to mess up the translation, at least try and make it poetic.


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