Language is weird. And usage maybe even more weird. Take the word “literal.” The word exists to help us distinguish between a figurative state of being and a real one. For example, if Joanie says, “My heart aches” we need to be able to tell whether Joanie’s emotional well being is in jeopardy (figuratively referencing a sore or broken heart) or whether she’s having a coronary. The word “literally” helps us to tell the difference between the two.

However, for decades people have used the word “literally” as an intensifier. They say things like “I’m literally having a heart attack right now” when they are, in fact, not having a cardiac emergency, but just want you to know that they are really, really upset. The fact that such usage is the exact opposite of what the word is supposed to mean drives some of us nuts. (But not literally.) If you’re one of those people, then you will not literally “die laughing” but you will probably connect with these memes on a visceral level.

30 Literal Memes For People Who Hate It When People Use “Literally” Wrong











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