On your wedding day you were probably met with a lot of (less than) helpful cliches and platitudes instructing you on how to make sure your marriage worked. “Never go to bed angry” was followed by “Always say you’re sorry, even when you’re not.” What would have been a lot more helpful is if someone would explain to the blushing bride how she should handle sharing a bed whilst noxious fumes emanate from her darling groom’s rear end after a night of Taco Bell. Or honestly, wouldn’t a groom be much better assisted if someone would tell him that when he goes shopping with his wife and she suggests that he just “wait in the car” because “she’ll only be a sec” that he should start streaming The Lord of the Rings (the extended cut) because his bride is gonna be a while. You may not have gotten those tidbits at your wedding, but it’s never too late to learn and after you read these memes you’ll agree that marriage is an adventure, some hard work, and seriously funny.

30 Relationship Truths That Prove That Marriage Is Seriously Funny












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