Who needs a professional when you’ve got the Internet? That seems to be the common wisdom these days, especially with regards to healthcare. With all the knowledge in the modern world at our very fingertips, it’s hard to resist the urge to save ourselves a couple hundred bucks by self-diagnosing with Dr. Google.

It’s no secret that the internet tends to be a little…dramatic when it comes to diagnosing people, yet, we do it anyway. And one thing is certain…nothing will make a hypochondriac out of you faster than taking to the internet when you’re not feeling well!

31 Memes For Anyone Who Considers WebMD Their Primary Care Physician


WebMD Memes 01


WebMD Memes 02


WebMD Memes 03


WebMD Memes 04


WebMD Memes 05


WebMD Memes 06


WebMD Memes 08



WebMD Memes 09


WebMD Memes 11


WebMD Memes 12


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