Nothing really prepares you for dealing with the irrational monster that is your toddler. Sure, you might have a nice intellectual understanding that toddlers throw tantrums. You might have even seen a few two-year-old hysterics as an innocent bystander. But when it’s your child, kicking and screeching on the floor of the Costco because you won’t let him drive the cart (“drive” here means to ram the cart into product displays and unsteady senior citizen’s calves), the flush of embarrassment and the helplessness you feel washes over you like a cold water tsunami. In those moments you feel like the worst, most incompetent parent ever.

Your pediatrician may tell you that the best thing you can do when you’re toddler is throwing a fit is to ignore it. If you’re strong enough to do that, then maybe you can tune out the cyclone of mortification writhing around on the floor by scanning these memes while you wait. It’ll pass the time and remind you that screaming fits are what toddlers do best.

32 Hilariously Unreasonable Memes That Anyone With A Toddler Will Relate To















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