If you watched the Oscars you probably caught Jennifer Garner’s mid-applause realization clip. When you’re a high profile celebrity, a small thing like that quickly becomes fodder for some hilarious memes and gifs. Luckily, Garner is quick to laugh at herself and has shared some insights about what realization she was having mid-Oscars on her Instagram account.

It happens to all of us–we are in the middle of something and suddenly have an epiphany. Fortunately when we have these epiphanies, the world isn’t usually watching; otherwise we’d all be internet famous by now. But, just because we don’t have our shocked, contorted faces floating around the interweb, it doesn’t mean we can’t have a nice laugh at the expense of the people who do.

32 Memes All About Realization Setting In… Rarely Good, Always Funny


realization memes 01


realization memes 02


realization memes 03


realization memes 04


realization memes 05


realization memes 06


realization memes 07


realization memes 08


realization memes 09


realization memes 10


realization memes 11


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