Mark Twain once wrote, “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” So test how sharp your imagination is and how far it can take you in this collection of photos that will have you wondering what exactly it is you’re looking at and what on earth you should be looking for. But when you see it, be prepared. Some will make you laugh and some will give you a good case of the creeps.

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These 32 Images Will Hurt Your Brain Trying To Figure Out

#1: What are thoooo- oh.

#2: How can one hand be so hairy?

#3: Spiders are masters of camouflage. Can you spot it?

#4: Men can also be experts in camouflage. He can see you, but can you spot him?

#5: That’s a suspicious looking beard, if we ever saw one.

#6: Say, “Spew!”

#7: Cute Baby Butts.

#8: Baby got back.

#9: Can’t help wondering if he made it back to shore.

#10: When you dress to blend in at Halloween parties.

#11: Just admiring the view..


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