If you’re having a bad day than these memes are either going to make you laugh your head off at how much worse things could be going or these memes are just going to confirm your belief that all the luck in the world has dried up like the desert after monsoon season. But for everyone else out there, this is just a silly and really fun collection of times when ordinary things took a turn for the #worstever.

32 Times Instagrammars Found The #WorstEver

#1 – Worst Logo Ever

#2 – Worst Fortune Cookie Ever

#3 – Worst Super Hero Ever

#4 – Worst Word Search Ever

#5 – Worst Slide Ever

#6 – Worst Action Figure Ever

#7 – Worst Valentine Ever

#8 – Worst Laundry Day Ever

#9 – Worst Gift Wrapping Ever

#10 – Worst Ad Placement Ever

#11 – Worst Lemon Ever