It’s Saturday. If your kids are in spring soccer then we all know what you’ll be spending your day doing. Your early morning hours will be spent rummaging through the dirty laundry trying to find soccer jerseys and matching socks, crawling around on your hands and knees looking under furniture trying to find a missing cleat, and then berating your soccer “stars” who’d much rather just sit on the couch and watch old Pokemon cartoons to please, go and get in the car. That excitement will be followed by hours of mind-numbing boredom as you watch your kids chase a ball with varying degrees of skill or sit on the sideline while other people’s kids get all the playing time. It’s not all bad, there will probably be snacks. And if you can’t stand another second of it all, then take a few minutes to read these funny memes all about the joys and frustrations of being a soccer parent.

32 Totally True Memes For Every Soccer Parent















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