Do you ever wonder why we still call our smart phones, “phones?” Honestly, the phone part of the device is the part that we probably use the least. Maybe we should start calling it our “handheld,” or “comm,” or “tricorder,” or “mobile time wasting platform” (MTWB). That last one is probably the most descriptive of what we actually do with our phones, because admit it, you waste a lot of time in your day messing around on your phone.

And what’s the supreme time waster? Smart phone games. You can spend hours trying to beat a level on Candy Crush and it gets you absolutely nothing. And what’s the purpose of Words with Friends? It sounds social, but it mostly leads to a lot of hard feelings. So what exactly do games on our phones do for us? While we may not have the answers to these tough questions, we do have some pretty funny memes about playing games on your phones. And at least if you read them you’ll get the payoff of a good laugh.

33 Addicting Memes For People Who Can’t Stop Playing Games On Their Phones















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