For pet owners and animal lovers alike, it comes as no surprise when animals act mischievous. In fact, it can be more surprising when animals aren’t getting into some kind of trouble. Their curiosity is part of what makes them so entertaining, especially when it comes to them trying to pull one over on us. So when it comes to thieves of the animal kingdom, we’ve picked the ones that shocked, amused, and delighted us the most.


33 Times Animals Were Caught Stealing Things

#1: Bamboozled by a baboon.

#2: Step 1: Make contact. Step 2: …Haven’t made it that far yet.

#3: Trust me, I want this more than you.

#4: Caught you, orange-handed.


#5: Finally, a chew toy I can get behind. Sorta.

#6: You didn’t see anything.

#7: Never turn your back when food and monkeys are involved.

#8: Thief Level: Raccoon


#9: No matter the obstacle, I will steal it.

#10: Puppies In Crime.

#11: When the cat has been living a double life right under your nose.


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