When we think of showers we think fast, clean, and efficient. But when we think about taking a bath, then it depends on who’s getting the bath. For adults, we relate bath time to relaxation, escape, bubbles, candles, and you might as well throw a glass of wine in there. If we’re talking about kids, then there are still bubbles, but you’ve also got to throw in some toys and make sure there are plenty of towels on the floor because you’re going to need them. And if we’re talking pets, mainly cats and dogs, you’ll want to double the towels and just be prepared to get wet. Bath time is always going to be more of an experience than taking a regular old shower. We found a whole collection of bath time memes to dip your toes into, so just sit back, read on, and enjoy the water.

33 Bath Time Memes Because Bubbles Are Where It’s At













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