They’re getting ready to light the giant Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. That means it’s time to review some of the most mind-blowing Christmas tree pics on the internet. Some of these are incredibly awesome and some are epic Charlie Brown fails. But they’re all eye-popping in one way or another.

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33 Eye-Popping Christmas Trees

#1: Godzilla Is the Spirit of the Season Tree

Nothing says Christmas quite like a tree shaped as a giant city-destroying monster. Am I right?

#2: Help! I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up Tree

This tree is both elegant and funny. The subtle blending of the winter wonderland snowman theme with the whimsy of the trapped elf makes this tree a winner.

#3 The Christmas Tree Is Going to Get You Tree

You’ve got to appreciate the guts of someone who would risk creating life-long, crippling phobias in children by styling creepy, present-eating foliage as Christmas decorations.

#4: Pac-Man Fever Tree

This geeked out Christmas Tree lives in Madrid, Spain. The tree is actually electronically animated so you can watch Pac-Man get chased around by ghosts as you ponder the meaning of Christmas.

#5: The Halloween Is My Favorite Holiday Tree

There’s a whole sub-culture of Christmas Tree decorating that is about using your Christmas trimmings as an opportunity to show everyone how much you like something else. This Nightmare Before Christmas tree is all about letting people know that you’re still not over Halloween.

#6: Christmas Under the Sea Tree


This tree at an ocean park in the Philippines proves that Santa not only visits all the good little boys and girls, he also visits good little boy and girl fish.

#7: I Don’t Know What This Is Tree

This is probably the most epic Christmas Tree fail of all time. It’s not so much a tree as a spider plant.

#8: Repurposed Monument to Alcohol Tree

I imagine that this idea came from a guy who said, “Let’s make a Christmas Tree out of beer bottles. Someone’s gonna have to drink a lot of brews, but I’ll make that sacrifice in the spirit of Christmas.”

#9: Magical Hanging Balls Tree

This tree is actually pretty cool. But it’s hard to get over the fact that it’s made entirely of green balls. No teenage boy lives in the house, I can guarantee that.

#10: Found Items Christmas Tree

Who would have guessed that if you combined an orange traffic cone with a blue and white strand of tinsel you could get this fabulous piece of Christmas tree art?

#11: Dalek Christmas Tree

If you don’t watch the science fiction show, Dr. Who, then this tree makes no sense. But to all the Dr. Who fans out there this tree is incredibly clever (especially because it holds true to the low-budget design execution of the Daleks) . “Exterminate!”


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