Anybody who works an office job has felt the ridiculously hot rage that comes when you go to the communal fridge and discover that your Coke Zero (which had been placed there to chill for an hour or two) has gone missing. And absolutely nobody likes the guy who has gone on a fish eating frenzy resulting in him rewarming days-old cod in the break room microwave for weeks. But most of us just suck it up and try to push through, recognizing that there are some things you have to put up with when you work with other people.

Yet, every office has at least one self-appointed czar of civilized behavior. These undercover office police skulk around leaving nasty notes accusing the whole workplace of violating their rules for polite society. So when an office freedom fighter takes on the fascist note makers by leaving comical responses to the passive aggressive barrage of post-its, you gotta root for them. Because note wars are super funny and anyone who rises to the challenge deserves our highest honors.

33 Hilariously Perfect Responses To Hostile Notes Left By The Undercover Office Police















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