When it comes to getting what you want, the guilt trip is a formidable weapon. And in the hands of a master, there’s no way to completely dodge its burn, even when you see it coming. We’ve all made the blistering journey to guilt-town and back, and vowed never to succumb again. And we think we’ve taken back our lives, until that foggy day in March when Mom asks if we’re aware she’s still alive, hesitating ever so briefly before delivering her coup de grâce, “I beat Leukemia and for what? Not to hear from you for 2 years?” Even when we remind ourselves that no one can send us on a guilt trip without our permission, some of us are desperate to travel, and it’s the only trip we can afford. This funny collection of relatable memes is an anthem to fellow travelers and survivors of the guilt trip.

33 Laughable Memes For Everyone Who Hates Going On Guilt Trips















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