All parents get excited when their precious little angel finally starts to talk. But we sometimes forget that toddler speech means that they are now paying close attention to every word they hear. So when your adorable tot says his or her first swear word, there tends to be a lot of finger pointing. And because we know that the kiddos don’t know that what they’re saying is bad, it’s hard not to laugh when you hear your toddler drop the f-bomb. Of course it never fails that they will try out these new found words at the most inconvenient times, just to make sure we look like the world’s worst parents. But toddlers testing out swear words is pretty common. So let’s toss our judgmental instincts out the window and strap on our sense of humor as we scroll through our memes about kids swearing.

33 Memes About Kids Dropping That F-Bomb (And Other Swears)













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