Remember when we were kids and getting sick was kind of a cool thing? We got to ditch school and hang out in our pajamas all day watching our favorite cartoons. Back when there was no such thing as a mortgage payment or kids to feed, a sick-day was a little like king-for-a-day. Mom would make peanut butter, honey, and banana sandwiches (with a touch of cinnamon) for breakfast, and just as we got bored with reruns of The Brady Bunch, she would bring soup and ginger ale.

As an adult, getting sick takes on some decidedly less utopian vibes. When you’re grown up, getting sick doesn’t mean a break from all your responsibilities. Instead, it means you get to do all your normal stuff while feeling like a walking corpse. Is it any wonder that some people arm themselves with hand sanitizer and aerosol disinfectant? If you’re a little paranoid about someone else getting you sick, this collection of memes is sure to give you a laugh.

33 Memes For Anyone Who Finds It Annoying When Someone Else Gets Them Sick















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