Organization comes in many forms from color-coding to alphabetizing to obsessively labeling. The organized people among us relate to characters like Friend’s Monica Geller with her cleanliness compulsions or Jane The Virgin’s Jane Villanueva with her controlling personality or perhaps VEEP’s Amy Brookheimer with her lists, calendars, and agendas. Besides the benefits of never losing sock partners, there are lots of reasons why being organized can be fun, and maybe just a bit maddening.

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Memes for the Anal, Organized List-Making Enthusiasts

#1: When Post-Its Are Life

#2: When Templates Make You Smile

#3: When Making Plans is Your Jam

#4: When You’re an Organizational Winner

#5: When Organization Just Comes Natural

#6: When Your First Love was a Binder

#7: When Checking Items Off a List Feels So Good

#8: When Alphabetizing is Life

#9: When You Re-Organize Your Organized Files

#10: When Making a Plan Comes Naturally

#11: When Those Plans Work Out Well

#12: When Alphabetical Order Gives You the Feels

#13: When You Love Making Lists on Your Phone, on Paper, and on Your Computer

#14: When Google Docs Come Together

#15: When Someone Underappreciates Your Filing Skills

#16: When You Give Hallelujah Hands for a Completed Task List


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