#17: When You Can’t Understand How People Lose Things

#18: When You Have to Put Stuff Away Immediately

#19: When People Don’t Respect the Shared Calendar

#20: When You Religiously Order New Planners

#21: When You’re Always Ahead of the Game

#22: When Everything Has its Place


#23: When People Have Clutter Near Your Space

#24: When You Need Clean Spaces to Work

#25: When You Don’t Respect the Agenda

#26: When You’ve Made Lists from a Young Age

#27: When You’re Always Prepared for Parties

#28: When You Write Down Everything


#29: When You Can Turn Chaos into Order

#30: When You Start to Feel Overwhelmed

#31: When People Disrespect the Order

#32: When Life is Crazy But Your Schedule is Neat

#33: When You Organize Every Part of a Trip

Organized people help keep the world going round by reminding the scatter-brained procrastinators where to be and when. If you’re lucky, you’ll have an organized friend who will plan your trips, color-code your closet, and re-order your movies by genre. And if you’re the organizer, better order your 2018 planner now. Who are we kidding? It’s already in the mail, isn’t it?

I grew up in TN, but recently moved to Denver, CO to pursue a Masters in Literature. I love reading, writing, playing outside, hanging out with friends and family, and watching great movies.